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This site is dedicated to identifying cheap sources of flies, fly tying equipment and fly fishing gear. I was motivated to set up this site because I am sick of being ripped off by my local suppliers. Fly fishing gear always seems to be much more expensive than it should be and I am going to do my part to identify fishing gear suppliers that have fair prices.

All the best,....and happy shopping and long live Ebay!

Cheap Fly Gear on Ebay

Who runs this website?

Hi, my name is Glen and I run the largest squid fishing forum in the world! You can check it out here:

Why are you here?

We offer advice on how to get the cheapest fly fishing gear including:

Do you know of any really cheap fly fishing shops or mail order companies?

If so, please tell me about them! Please contact me via the contact form on the squidfish website:
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